Monday, 23 June 2014

In AUS i ate...

This kind of meat, i don't remember what it was, with fries & ketchup.
And Froyo, the frozen yoghurt.

At Cronulla Beach

In Australia, i went to Cronulla Beach, close to Sydney.
It was a good day to the beach, with good waves, and good shops around.

Sydney, part 3 w the Harbour Bridge

Sydney, part 2.

The City of Sydney, part 1

The city of Sydney is so incredible with pretty much things to do and see.
There are museums, lots of things, and above all, lots of shop, right?
Sydney is a big wonderful city.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Opera House

The Opera House is a very beautiful monument, my favourite
because of its conception, construction, such a beautiful monument
And 'modern' opera, 'cause it's pretty recent if we compare it to some others very
beautiful and 'old' monuments.
I have enjoy visited this, so much.
I'll post some more pictures later, time to upload 'em. 


 This, is the view of a part of Sydney from the plane.