Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Stuff i bought

The 'Last' day

So, i was supposed to left Portugal on a thursday night, so the day was long :
On the morning, i headed to Lisbon for having a day 'off' with my cousins Vera, Ana and their parents.
In the evening, i went to the airport to take the plane for Lyon...
The funny stuff takes place here :
My plane ticket was in stand-by, the same for my dad. We didn't take the plane to Lyon
and we had to wait for the next plane all night long with an other girl of my age.
On friday, we came to the airport again, and we took the plane for London.
Bye Portugal, i'm heading to London >>>>
So, hello England, i was in London two hours later...
  And then, just two hours after being in London, i was taking an other plane for Lyon >>>
So i was home like a day later, the 'plane travel' was supposed to be only two hours long from Lisbon to Lyon.
It was a long journey, and my phone's credit can proove it...
I learnt one thing : if my dream comes true, i'm gonna travel a lot, so i will take an International Phone's Credit
I think.
So yea! It was my journey to Portugal...
3 cities, 3 countries and 2 planes the same day !
I hope you enjoyed it. :) 

Portugal, part. 3

I've been to my grandma's house for almost a week
i worked and i finished my first novel,
and i was looking for this pretty cat and taking care of this cat
i called him Oscar because i didn't know his real name, his portuguese name.

Part. 2, Visiting.

Then, i've been visiting a bit during these holidays.
I've been to Nazaré (From the top : to the first to the third pic.)
It's a beautiful place but with a lot of this cold wind thath comes from the ocean
And the 2 lasts pictures are from a visit at Fatíma, pretty, i.ve already been up there
during my childhood with my mum and dad, and grandmas and grandpa'
but i don't remember i was too young.  

My Journey to Portugal part. 1

So, At first, i've been to Figueira Da Foz, on the coast
The appartment was really close to the beach so it was pretty cool
i saw Scooby Doo's car, i've been eating kind of healthier
and i've been sunbathing a lot on the sand, it was great
I've been watching series as The Secret Circle, Once Upon A Time
and lots of movies
I bought bandanas i'm gonna show them soon
and some other good stuff yup.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

News, news, news!

Well, i think i'm going to make a post about my summer
While i've been to 3 countries the same day,
When i've had a break to my grandma's house in Portugal for a week and being in an appartment on the coast
for almost two weeks near to the beach, like 100meters close to the sand ans the waves.
Even if I had a great time over there, i don't want to go back.
So, yup, i'm going to make a post about it.
And oh my god, i have finished to write my novel 'Liberty Rebellion'
I'm so excited to make it published, obviously, before I have to protect it
before sending it to editors. I just can not wait.

I'm back, after all this time!

I'm sorry
I completly didn't have the time to post these past few months
But now i'm back.
So, even though nobody is going to answer, what's up? 

Monday, 23 June 2014

In AUS i ate...

This kind of meat, i don't remember what it was, with fries & ketchup.
And Froyo, the frozen yoghurt.

At Cronulla Beach

In Australia, i went to Cronulla Beach, close to Sydney.
It was a good day to the beach, with good waves, and good shops around.