Saturday, 12 September 2015

Writer's work

Hey guys!
How are you?
I'm quite good, even if 'im sick as hell. 
Today, i'm gonna tell you a bit about a book i wrote, and which i finished writting this summer.

FIRST : it's called Liberty.
I could have called it "Freedom" because it quite does have the same meaning, but Liberty sounds much better.

SECONDLY ; i'm trying to sum up the story of the book
and, i admit it's not something very easy to do.
But i'm gonne try here, so that you can know what it's talking about.

It takes place in a 'thousand years post Third World War' 
(which does not even exist yet, and i hope it won't til a long time from now)
so ; as some errors have been made by a useless government, and new one had been created
which one is much more strict with it's people.
They do not have the right to hunt animals, even though they don't even have something to eat but in the biggest city of the country, which is called Harmonia -a luxuary city where people are rich and do not need anything to live quite good.
People of the rest of the country does not have the right to do anything, or almost. They are similar to slaves for the government's eyes.
If people are catch while hunting, or while transgressing the 'very important' laws
they are punished for this in front of the other people of the zone while being filmed so that the entire country can see that you are tortured for something forbidden.
At some points, the people just can't stand it anymore, so there are up-heavels all over the country
and it the government replies with their weapon against the people who don't possessed any weapons of the same 'war-level' than the government's one.
In a particular zone, where there's a very cruel reply of the government, as i can mention as very trash, a girl named Silver Overwhill and her brother and sister, and best (lover) friend, are trying their best to evacuate most of people they can before they could all get killed. 
Then, they 'meet' and organisation against the government itself, and they get involved in the movement.
Silver and her family, friends, are fighting against the 'country's power' itself. 

THIRDLY ; it may be similar to The Hunger Games series or to the Divergent one, 
but it's not the same story in the end.

What do you think about it? Is it quite good?
Pretty interesting? 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Just some news

Hey everyone.
To begin, just some news.
I'm not feeling very good since most of my friends left for Lyon for their studies
Just four of them, which i'm very close to, closer than the others may i say.
Unfortunately, as i'm at school, i can't see them every day and I really miss them, so much.
Chatting with them do not help me, it can't replace the fact of seeing them.
School is pretty cool for the moment, because it's the beginning. But i think i wouldn't think that way in some weeks.
I am in my last year of high school right now, it is a little bit strange.
In France, we say 'Terminale' but i do know that in the English-speaking countries it corresponds
to the 12th year, if i do remind well, or it's the 12th grade.
Am I right?
As you may know, that's the year of the final exams and i'm very stressed about it
Hopefully, my closest friend is supporting me through this, and I love him so much for that. 

Hum, and yeah, it's pretty cold over here these days, this is not very funny
because i hate getting cold actually, i feel like some ice got underneath my skin to freeze my bones
and i've always got cold hands so i can't touch noboby, like I can't put my hands on my mother's shoulders
she always get angry if i do that, so i try not to do this.

Oh! And, this afternoon, i draw a wolf, kind of tribal one,
which i want it to be a tattoo that i'll get on the top of my back
i think it's a pretty good idea.
I'll update the picture very soon, so that you can see what it looks like
and tell me about it. 

I thought about doing an Question & Answer post, if anyone have questions to ask me, just ask.
And, of course, i'll answer.
I think this could a good idea and it will change of my usual post about my boring life aha

Friday, 28 August 2015

My Holidays : Cerveras

I went on vacation at Cerveras (Cerbère in french) in the South of France
close to Spain, kind of 24km far from Spain.
It was pretty good even if i've been bored sometimes.
We went to the restaurant at Banyuls Sur Mer,
and we've been to the beach almost every afternoon but one ; this day,
we went to Spain, for having a kind of "tourist afternoon"

So, i think i can say that it was pretty good, but i'm sooooo happy to be back home
I've missed my friends so much ; i don't even know how I'll survive without them this school year 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The night by the lake

Hey !
I haven't been posting for a while now.
Because, to be true, i didn't have time and i just forgot.
I've spent the summer with my friends, going out at night, hanging out with the squad
or having pretty good parties with some beautiful people.

These pictures are from the time we went up to the lake on a Saturday evening 
for a barbecue.
It was pretty good, we laughed so much this night.
And it has been a pretty good storming night, and we lose a friend
who were a bit drunk, under the rain and lightening, close to the lake.
I was terrified while we were searching her into the woods
and by the lake. 
But she contacted us and said "i'm into town"
so everything was okay but we were very angry against her not saying us
that she went back into town with some friend's parents
At this moment, we weren't laughing but now it's a pretty funny story to tell

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Then, this was for a surprise 18th birthday party of a friend.
It was the very first time i wore it.
I think it's from Cotton On, i don't remember exactly.
Let me know what you think about it !

FIRST : my knee surgery from October -little news.

This was in October/November/December
It's not very pretty to see, isn't it?
But now it's much better, less red, more invisible or almost.
But it's still hurt, unfortunately.
Now, it's okay, or almost, but everything will be fine soon.
I can walk, not for a very long time yet, but I don't have to use mu crutches anymore.
On Monday, i'm going back to the hospital to see the doctor and have new news.
And I can dance! That's pretty cool.

It's been a while !

I'm sorry for these lasts months without posting.
I'm back now, and, that's not all : i'm back with some things to post!
Unfortunatelu, nothing good happened during these months
But now i'm here !

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I'm at home about two weeks, it will be the third week.
But, normally, and I hope so, i'm gonna be back at school tomorrow!
I'm gonna see my friends again.
And have English class.
Hum, so I'm about to explain why I'm at home :
So, since 2009, I'm suffering of a trouble in my knees.
My left knee dislocated twice, and so now the doctors offered me the choice of surgery
So that the dislocation can not happen again.
I said 'Yes' and now, i have three scars on my knee.
The trouble is repared, it will be better in a few weeks.
I have to say that it hurts so much the first days when I was at the hospital or at home.
It wasn't easy to walk, to sit or to get up.
Now i feel better, and I want to go back to school to see my friends.
I'm going crazy at home.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

four actors I love

Ben Lloyd-Hughes
Logan Lerman
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Josh Hutcherson

Kinda news...

Mum wants me to go to a psychologue
Because i am 'the stressful, depressed and dreamer kind of girl'
and so that she thinks i have to go to see someone for this.
Yes, that's a trouble.
Omg. I received a mail from 'Project Casting'
To be true, i'm receiving lots of mails from this organisation.
But one of them all catch my attention, it was about a casting call
about 'How to Becone an Extra on 'Maze Runners : The Scorch Trials'
I would like to go to the auditions but unfortunately for me,
that's in the USA and i'm in France
I have to say i'm pretty in pain at the moment 'cause I can't go to.
When i told mommy there was a casting call for 'new talents' and so that i could play
with Dylan O'Brien or even Thomas Brodie-Sangster,
Two of good actors i like, she was like 'Okay, but where does it take place?'
As I said 'In the USA mom'
She had a facial expression like 'Omg are you serious? I'm not gonna let you go there 'cause we can't'
And this impossibility to realize my dream, this dream, gave me lots of pain
in my nerves. It's kind of horrible as a feeling.